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1960s Magazine Covers

Scroll down and check out some vintage magazine covers from 1960 - 1969

March 1965.jpg

March 1965...our own John Decola!

December 1964.jpg

December 1964, John Decola was also on the cover of Muscular Development. Five years later he would go on to be Mr. America!

November 1962.jpg

Joe Abbenda dominated bodybuilding competitions from 1959-1963. He is still active in the sport and makes public appearances from time to time. Check out the photo with John Decola from a few years ago. 

May 1967.jpg

In May 1967, JFK was still helping sell magazines, over 3 years after his death.

April 1966.jpg

Bill Pearl is the cover star for this April 1966 issue of Muscular Development. He passed away in September 2022 at the age of 91. Check out this tribute to him...

October 1961.jpg

Jack Delinger graces the cover of Mr. America magazine in October of 1961. Mr. Delinger won Mr. America in 1949, and Mr. Universe in 1956.

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