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Who We Are

John Decola and Bernie Tesmer have been friends for over 50 years and are now octogenarians who have had a lifetime of healthy living that has allowed them to continue with daily workouts and to be healthy, active, and in great shape. Throughout the website you will find information on nutrition, exercises, and much more information that will allow YOU to get and remain healthy as well!

Our Mission

Our mission is directed to not only fitness enthusiasts and athletes, but individuals of all ages that want an active lifestyle.  We cover a wide spectrum of health and strength looking at the best from the past, present, and future.  This enables us to recommend the best supplements, nutritional products, training, exercises, and medical information that benefits your overall health and wellbeing, keeping your body and mind at its best.  This will allow you to excel at all activities you perform no matter your age or gender.

Our Staff


  • Life time experience in the health and nutrition industries.  2000 Mr. Universe 60+ Men’s Masters, Natural Physique Association. 

  • 1984 Mr. America (Masters Division), 1969 Mr. America IFBB, 1964 Jr. Mr. America AAU.

  • Master Certified in health and nutrition, Certified Personal Trainer

  • Featured on the cover of 4 National Health Magazines 

  • Contributing editor to various Health Magazines

  • Judge for bodybuilding contests

  • Former Mid-Atlantic Director of Personal Training and Education. 

  • Former Owner of Health Clubs in New England and Mid Atlantic areas 

  • Over 30 years of experience in health and nutritional products



  • NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer

  • Black Belt Mixed Martial Arts BS  

  • Biomechanics & Performance Consultant

  • Sr. Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • Posture & Mobility Specialist

  • Sr. and Functional Fitness Specialist 

  • Brains & Balance Past 60 Specialist

  • Coach, train, and design programs for health and strength 

  • Life time experience in health and nutrition

  • Hands on experience with rehabilitation exercises for a variety of injuries and surgeries

  • Health and training Newsletter editor

  • Bench press and powerlifting competitor

  • Past member of Boston Marathon Medical Team

  • Medical Service Corps Officer

  • Technical Consultant and Recruiter for Bio-Tech & Medical Device Industries

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