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Friends & Photos Page 1


John Decola and Arnold Schwarzenegger shake hands at an event in 1969. John was Mr. America, and Arnold was Mr. Universe during the time of this photo. Note the two trophies on stage.


The Real Deal! Evander Holyfield poses with Bernie and John back just a few years ago...

Our Dear Friend, Gene Machain poses at a backyard barbecue back in 1987. Sadly, Gene passed away in 2010...but we remember and salute our friend, who wrestled under the name The Flying Frenchman, and was inducted into the New England Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame...a well deserved honor.

lopez jb.JPG

John and Bernie take a photo with Anibal Lopez a few years ago. Mr. Lopez was on the cover of Iron Man magazine in July 1979

john studd.jpg

John Decola and Lynn Conkwright meet up with wrestling legend Big John Studd back in the 1980s. Look at the size of his hands!

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