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Bernie Tesmer CPT


Front Squat puts more emphasis on the quads versus glutes.  Torso is more upright helping lower back issues.  Perform on power rack in front rack position with the bar resting across delts on your finger tips elbows pointing up and forward, chest up, back flat, core engaged, bend knees & hips as sitting down on a chair then drive up through heels. 


Aging:  As you age skeletal muscles begin to deteriorate, a process known as sarcopenia.  The average person loses 30% strength between 50 & 70 years old and 3 to 5% per decade after 70. 


Elevated pushup is harder than a normal pushup and creates more activation of the serratus anterior which is crucial for shoulder health.  Feet should be placed on stable elevated surface to start pushup and as you get stronger gradually increase height surface.


Eating small frequent meals improves digestion, blood pressure, and energy levels.


Good sources of protein are 4-ounce servings of chicken breast 36 grams, sirloin steak 33 grams, fish average is 28-30 grams, pork 29 grams, turkey 29 grams, and ham steak 22 grams.


Suspended Inverted Row start by using TRX straps and grab the handles with arms extended and knees bent 90 degrees.  Allow shoulder blades to spread out and pull body up until back is fully contracted.


Pineapple contains bromelain an enzyme which aids in digestion, reduces inflammation, and acts as an anti-cancer agent.  It is also rich in antioxidants, provides immune support, and is a great source of manganese, thiamin & riboflavin. 

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