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Bernie Tesmer CPT


Olympic Lifts 

1. Snatch hoist bar from floor to arm’s length overhead in a single explosive motion.

2. Clean & Jerk is a two part lift.  First hoist bar to shoulder (the clean) and then press overhead to arm’s length.



Most medication can cause fatigue.  Some prime offenders are beta-blockers, diuretics, pain killers, antihistamines, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs.  If utterly exhausted talk to your doctor.  This could lead to a lower dosage or a change in medication.


Fall Prevention Program

1.  Strengthen core doing resisted squeezes and pulls

2.  Strengthen toes doing toe scrunches

3.  Strengthen calf muscles doing standing heel lifts

4.  Strengthen glutes and hamstrings doing deadlifts

5.  Strengthen quads doing chair squats and lunges


Strength and Conditioning Programs for seniors challenge the body to maintain independence & function with age-appropriate modifications       


Dumbbell Chop

Hold a dumbbell with both hands above right shoulder and rotate your torso to the right.  Swing the dumbbell down to the outside of left knee while bending at the hips.  When reps are completed do the same starting above left shoulder.  Core rotational exercise.

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