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Marvin Eder

Marvin Eder is considered by some to be the greatest lifter as well as bodybuilder pound for pound of all time. 


His strength feats are legendary even to this day and truly amazing when you realize they were done prior to the technology era of supplements and drug enhancements.  As he told John and I that he did it by eating “regular food” which meant whole milk and a variety of meat, fruit, and vegetables. 


He trained for hours in the gym performing numerous sets while pushing himself at all times with heavy weights or numerous repetitions.  Marvin was the first person weighing under 200 pounds to bench press over 500 lbs. and was considered the greatest overhead presser with a record 345 lbs. clean & press.  Impressive feats include curling 100 lb. dumbbells for 8 reps and then continue with overhead presses for 8 reps, deep squatting 300 lbs. for 50 reps, and wide grip chins for 80 reps. 


Dominick Juliano a training partner of Marvin said that Marvin would do side laterals with 120 lb. dumbbells and do single arm pullovers with 250 lbs. 


Unfortunately, Marvin retired from competition at 22 years old due to a dispute with the AAU controlled by Bob Hoffman (York Barbell) and Marvin’s appearances in Joe Weider’s magazines.  Dominick tried to persuade Marvin to go out to the West Coast with him, but Marvin wanted to stay in New York. 


Dominick was part of the early muscle beach crowd and became part of Mae West’s act.

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Marvin Eder catches up with Bernie Tesmer in a photo from a few years ago.

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