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1940s Magazine Covers

Scroll down and check out some vintage magazine covers from 1940 - 1949

January 1948.jpg

January 1948...Your Physique Magazine with John Grimek on the cover. Check out the Friends & Photos Page on our website for an image of when our own John Decola met up with him! 

February 1948 issue of Muscle Power

Jack LaLanne on the cover of Strength & Health...January 1942. Click here to jump to our Legends Page on him!

March 1941.jpg

March 1941...Bill Curry is the cover star for Strength & Health magazine. Fun fact: Bill's son...Bill Jr. is the current head football coach at Georgia State! 

December 1943.jpg

December 1943 issue of Strength & Health

November 1947_edited.jpg

November 1947 issue of Your Physique features actor John Payne on the cover. He starred in the original version of "Miracle on 34th Street"

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