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Barbell curl, incline dumbbell curl, hammer curl, concentration curl, ez bar curl, straight bar reverse curl, scott bench curl, standing tricep extension, close grip bench press, tricep dips, tricep extension, skull crushers, rope pulldowns, rope extensions, elevated close grip push ups



Lat pulldown, kettlebell swings, pullups, inverted row, barbell deadlift, barbell bent over row, dumbbell single arm row, trx row



Standing calf raise, seated calf raise toes in, seated calf raise toes out, jump rope, hill runs, jumping jacks, agility ladder, hop, single leg raise, tiptoe walk



Bench press, incline press, pushups, dumbbell incline fly, flat dumbbell press



Plank, dead bug, wood chop, bridge, crunch, bird dog, leg raise, bear crawl, Russian twist, mountain climber, superman, medicine ball slam, barbell rollout, clamshell, band walks



Pull overs, pull ups, t bar row, landmine row, barbell row, rowing



Back squat, goblet squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, step-ups, farmers walk, lunges, frontal squat, Romanian deadlift,



Barbell standing press, seated dumbbell press, lateral raise, frontal raise, upright row, shrugs, kettlebell single arm press, reverse fly

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