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1990s Magazine Covers

Scroll down and check out some vintage magazine covers from 1990 - 1999

April 1999 issue of Joe Welder's Flex magazine. As you can see...the design and layout of bodybuilding/fitness magazines changed drastically in the 1990s.

February 1994 saw Will Willis...AKA The Blond or "Golden" Adonis pose for the cover of Natural Bodybuilding

April 1994 Powerhouse Magazine had 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout and Debbie Dobbins, who tragically died in a house fire in December 1993.

Robert Kennedy's (no not HIM - this one is from Ontario) Musclemag also paid tribute to Ms. Dobbins on their March 1994 issue.

As we all panicked with Y2K nearing, Men's Fitness kept rolling with Italian actor Antonio Sabato Jr. on their cover in November 1999.

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