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Bernie Tesmer CPT


Heavy weights and low reps, low weights and high reps, or body exercises most effective? 

A new study by McMaster University Ontario Canada with data split between men and women says that when it comes to weights and strength all programs are effective.  The most important thing is sticking with the program.  


EZ- bar overhead triceps extension

Take an ez-curl bar with a shoulder-width, overhand grip.  Hold the bar at arm’s length over your head.  Don’t move your upper arms, bend elbows to lower bar behind head until forearms ate parallel to the floor.  Pause and return bar to starting position by straightening your arms.


Managing Knee Injuries or Conditions

1. Understand the condition

2. Avoid exercises that cause pain or discomfort

3. Implement strategies to address the common causes of the condition

4. Refer to PT if new pain or progression occurs.


Fitness Ball Pike

Works your core targeting a wide variety of muscles.  Assume a pushup with arms shoulder width apart and shins resting on a fitness ball.  Keep legs straight and roll the ball toward your body while raising hips as high as you can lower and repeat. Try 20 reps for 1 set


Lat Pulldown

Sit down in lat pulldown station and grab the bar with an overhand grip that’s beyond shoulder width.  Without moving torso pull the bar down to your chest as you continue to squeeze your shoulder blades.  Pause then slowly return to starting position.

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