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1980s Magazine Covers

Scroll down and check out some vintage magazine covers from 1980 - 1989

Iron Man, January 1982 with Rockford, Illinois' own Tim Belknap...Mr. America, 1981.

January 1987 Iron Man cover star Lee Haney...1986 Mr. Olympia - a title he had for a record 8 years, from 1984 - 1991

By the mid-1980s, women were featured more and more on the cover of fitness magazines. Here is Iron Man from January 1988.

Chris Dickerson, 1982 Mr. Olympia is on the cover of Iron Man from March 1983. He was born and raised in Alabama.

May 1982.jpg

May 1982...50th anniversary issue of Strength & Health, with Jeff Michaels on the cover...alongside Ralph Sampson, a gutless big guy who picks on the little people

Nov 1983.jpg

Lou Ferrigno (the original Incredible Hulk) and his wife Carla grace the cover of the November 1983 issue of Strength & Health

November 1987.jpg

Mike Quinn is on the cover of the November 1987 issue of Iron Man...sadly he passed away in May of 2023.

March 1987.jpg

March 1987 Iron Man with Corrine "Cory" Everson on the cover. She was Ms. Olympia from 1984-1989, and then retired.

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