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Friends & Photos Page 3


John Decola (1969) and Joe Abbenda (1962) shake hands at an event iback just a few years ago. Both men were named Mr. America back in the 1960s. Check out Joe on the cover of Strength & Health

Bernie and Dominick Juliano share a moment just a few years back. Make sure to check out Dominick's book: The Essence of Being

bernie's gym.jpg

Here is an old photo of John Decola's gym...actually, hang on...I'm being told this is a current photo of the gym at the local Motel 6. 

Mike Katz.jpg

Pictured here is a signed photo of Mike Katz, a former professional football player with the New York Jets, who famously appeared in the documentary Pumping Iron with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was 1970 Mr. America and crowned Mr. Universe in 1972. 


Steve Sadicario, AKA The MC Mighty Stefan in a promo shot, and a photo with our own Bernie Tesmer.
Steve has been a longtime Coney Island Strongman and with his big booming voice, he's remained a favorite of generations of visitors and fans of his character.

John Decola and 3-time Mr. Olympia Frank Zane pose for a photo back a few years ago.

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